About me

PHP, Magento and WordPress – Approximately 15 years developing PHP on Linux. I have developed my own framework, multiple systems, intranets, bank system communication applications, websites with custom management systems, magento e-commerce, wordpress (and woocommerce) security and customization. Also projects involving B2B; I also have SEO experience, website performance tuning, Google Ads, Google Analytics, etc..

Linux – 20 years of Linux experience specially using Ubuntu Server e CentOS as VPS servers for applications. I have implemented Zimbra and postfix mail servers, Apache Webserver (specially security and performance tunning), MySQL databases, shell scripting, proxy squid, samba for LAN, DNS Bind (both in LANs and Online), OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Firewall Iptables, OwnCloud/Nextcloud servers and docker.

MySQL – Management, migration, recovery, replication, security, maintenance and tunning; SQL script development, PHP development using MySQL;

Other Databases Systems – SQL Server (management, maintenance, installation, migration, upgrade) , SQL Server Reports, PostgreSQL (management, maintenance, installation, migration, upgrade), Oracle (instalation and migration)

Cloud Computing – AWS, GCP, Linode, Digital Ocean, CloudFlare, CDN, etc.

Puppet, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes – Management, installation and development of applications using those container orchestrators (I’m taking the first steps with these technologies).

Zimbra Mail Server, Google Apps – Installation, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, migration. Google Apps for business Manager; DNS server configuring for email server.

Other Systems – Lots of experience managing internal Version Control systems with SVN Server e Trac, Git e Gitlab, Github.com. Also managed Windows Server/AD, linux firewalls with Slackware Linux, workstations running Ubuntu desktop, Linux Mint.

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